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As part of the Industrial Metrology INNOQ provides calibration services to companies and other economic agents.

Calibration is a set of operations that establish, under specified conditions, the relationship between values of quantities indicated by a measuring instrument or measuring system or values represented by a material measure or a reference material, and the corresponding values realized by standards.

The INNOQ provides calibration services in the following areas:

  • Mass [Calibration of weights and balances]
  • Temperature [Calibration of thermometers and temperature installations]
  • Volume [Calibration of burettes, pipettes, flasks volumetric micropipettes]
  • Dimensional [Calibration of meters and tape measures]

Calibration Services

One of the services provided by the Department of Metrology is the calibration in the fields of temperature, volume, mass and length. By definition, the calibration is the set of operations aimed at finding the numerical value of the difference between the indication of an instrument to be calibrated and the value of a default.

Here, then all the equipment calibrated by INNOQ.

1. Temperature


  • Glass Thermometer (-25 º C to 300 º C)
  • Thermocouples and platinum resistance thermometers (-25 ° C to 300 º C)
  • Digital Thermometers and temperature records (-200 º C to 1300 º C)


  • Greenhouses / Baths Thermo-regulated / Incubators (20 ° C to 350 º C)
  • Vehicles with cold rooms and refrigeration chambers (-40 º C to 20 º C)
  • Climate chambers (-80 º C to 200 º C / 5 to 98% RH)
  • Ovens and mufflers (100 º C to 1300 º C)
  • Freezer (-40 º C to 0 º C)
  • Autoclaves (20 ° C to 125 º C / 0 to 5 bar)

2. Volume

  • Burettes
  • Pipettes
  • Volumetric Flasks
  • Micropipettes
  • Digital Burettes

3. Mass

  • Weights 1mg - 1000 Kg
  • Scales Mechanical, electromechanical and electronic
  • Scales up to 120 ton
  • Material measures of 1mg mass - 1000 kg

4. Lenght

  • Rules
  • Tape measures
  • Calipers
  • Micrometers
Greenhouses / Baths Thermo-regulated / Incubators (20 ° C to 350 º C)

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